Item I:The Santiago Staff

The Santiago staff is the single longest remaining text. It is incised lengthwise on a cylindrical piece of wood. This means that there is an inherent problem in knowing where to start. Barthel made an arbitrary choice, while Fischer made a different decision. As a result there are two competing numberings for the lines. The default here is Barthel's numbering, with Fischer's numbering added when relevant.

Paul Horley has an excellent discussion of this item, and particularly the beginning and line ordering problem in Rapa Nui Journal Vol. 25:1. According to this paper the proper beginning should be Barthel's Line 11, and the order should be "bottom up" (as is usual on all other tablets), so 11-10-9-8-… I have revised the "All lines" page to reflect this. For the comparison pages, begin on Line 11 (RR10-14) and use "previous" to move to the next line.

Schematic drawing of Staff

Vector graphics


Individualized Glyphs