• Made corrections to the display of items K, P, and Q verso, and N side b.
  • Added a feature to rotate the tablet display 180º.
  • Added line numbers and a feature to be able to hide them.

Items H and N are now completed.

H (Barthel)
H (Barthel), line-breaks
H (Fischer)
H (Fischer), line-breaks

N (Barthel)
N (Barthel), line-breaks
N (Fischer)
N (Fischer), line-breaks

others things that have been fixed:

  • Numbering for the (strange) sequence 001.001-074 on line 5 of I has been fixed.
  • The last four glyphs of line Hv12 that were missing (from the scans) have been added.
  • A page for doing glyph searches has been added. This searches Items A – L only so far. The corpus file is however already 62MB so this is very slow. Something will have to be done about that.

Barthel scans and svgs are up.