• Made corrections to the display of items K, P, and Q verso, and N side b.
  • Added a feature to rotate the tablet display 180º.
  • Added line numbers and a feature to be able to hide them.

Items Q, R and T have been added.

Q (Barthel)
Q (Barthel), line-breaks
Q (Fischer)
Q (Fischer), line-breaks

R (Barthel)
R (Barthel), line-breaks
R (Fischer)
R (Fischer), line-breaks

T (Barthel)
T (Barthel), line-breaks
T (Fischer)
T (Fischer), line-breaks

Glyph search now includes A-T (except S). The corpus file is 107MB.

For Q:

The Fischer images for tablet Q have been replaced with considerably improved versions. This should be particularly apparent with the svgs.

Further comments about this issue to follow.

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22. April 2012 · 2 comments · Categories: Item Q

Fischer svgs for tablet Q have been added.