The glyph library pages have been updated.
The index was updated to include Tablet Y, and now displays the variants grouped.
The glyph variant page now displays images for the variants. The images are taken directly from the tablet pages.
A glyph library page, which display all glyph tables on a single page has been added.

As the glyph variant page makes clear, the numbering of variants is, for the most part, a mess. Variant codes “V”, and “a-e,g” seem to be haphazardly assigned for most glyph numbers, and other codes are not much better. Only “f” is reasonably consistent.

Tablet Y has now finally received Barthel codes. The codes have also been added to the XML corpus, so searches should return hits for tablet Y among its results.
Though there are no genuinely new glyphs, I did in fact use one code that was never used in Barthel’s original corpus. Apparently glyph code 250 had never been used:
glyph 250

Pages for items X and Y have been added. These svgs were created from Fischer’s drawings. Also a page for svg test pages for all of Fischer’s drawings has been added. While all the pages exist, the svgs themselves still need to be added. They will be added from the end. So far Y – T have been added.

Svg pages for tablets H, P, and T completed. With the exception of S, which will require more substantive revision first, all tablets are done.

This is the new update blog. Updates will be posted here.