I have updated Barthel’s Grundlagen. Corrections to page 202 (thanks to M. de Laat for pointing this out), and various other typos fixed. The pdf has a sidebar TOC, but I have now also made Barthel’s TOC clickable.

The Fischer images for tablet Q have been replaced with considerably improved versions. This should be particularly apparent with the svgs.

Further comments about this issue to follow.

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22. April 2012 · 2 comments · Categories: Item Q

Fischer svgs for tablet Q have been added.

Dedicated Fischer svg pages have now been added, for tablets S, T, U, V, and W. These pages load as single objects and have the advantage of being “clickable”, showing the individual glyphs, and also display the codes (though not aligned). It should be noted that these are the still the standard codes from Barthel/CEIPP, with only minimal tampering on my part. Fischer’s drawings differ at times from Barthel’s tracings, and the codes do not always match up. Fischer however never made any attempt to adjust the numbering for what he was seeing/drawing, and that job will still have to be undertaken.

A number of things have been shuffled around since the last entry. After moving the site to kohaumotu.org, I decided to change the old update blog, which had been made using iWeb, a somewhat clumsy arrangement. I briefly tried using phpBB, which is really bulletin board / forum software. I have now settled on a more straightforward approach using a WordPress blog. I am going to redirect traffic from most links to this page as the “front door.” The menu bar here gives reasonably easy access to the main pages of the site, such as the tablets pages. Anyhow the blog approach should allow for a structure that always shows “What’s new.”

Pages for tablet S “Great Washington” have been completely reworked. A photo page—displaying large photos, created by combining the detailed views from the Smithsonian—has been added, as well as an svg page.
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The svgs for Fischer’s drawings have been uploaded. A single page version, which is clickable, has been added to the R page.