Barthel scans and svgs are up.

While better quality images for Fischer drawings were all added at once, the better quality images for the Barthel tracings are being added little by little. So far A, B, E, K, R, and S had been added. Today I am adding Tablet (Item) I: bitmap and svg.

Again I’d like to thank M. de Laat for providing the scanned files.

Another page, this one now for tests of the svgs which have individualized glyphs. While there are links for all pages, only A (Tahua) is completed.

Links for work in progress

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In response to the issue of better quality images, I have now made a first stab at an improvement. I have now posted a new set of pages which display better scanned and edited versions of the Fischer drawings. The pages can be found here. Note that these pages display the tablets on single pages, with all lines as complete lines, no codes. They are also pretty big, so unless one has a very wide monitor, a lot of horizontal scrolling will be involved, particularly for something like the Staff.

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