The svg pages for items U, V, W, X, and Y have been completed. Also since they have now been added to the XML corpus, the search function now covers the complete corpus.

Some points to note:

  • Since most of these items have only short lines, no line-wrapped pages were made.
  • Item W is not numbered, and not searchable.
  • Item X is problematic, as it is very unclear what the “lines” are. I have somewhat arbitrarily re-arranged the glyphs of lines 3, 5 and 6 onto single lines. This was done so that the glyphs could be included in the corpus, and the search facility. But reference should always be made back to the original scans for this item.
  • There are already many known errors (in particular on items A and I), so some searches return the wrong glyphs. These will have to be corrected.

Item S has been added.

S (Barthel)
S (Barthel), line-breaks
S (Fischer)
S (Fischer), line-breaks

Items Q, R and T have been added.

Q (Barthel)
Q (Barthel), line-breaks
Q (Fischer)
Q (Fischer), line-breaks

R (Barthel)
R (Barthel), line-breaks
R (Fischer)
R (Fischer), line-breaks

T (Barthel)
T (Barthel), line-breaks
T (Fischer)
T (Fischer), line-breaks

Glyph search now includes A-T (except S). The corpus file is 107MB.

Item P has been added.

P (Barthel)
P (Barthel), line-breaks
P (Fischer)
P (Fischer), line-breaks

Glyph search now includes A-P. The corpus file is 90MB.

Item O has been added.

O (Barthel)
O (Barthel), line-breaks
O (Fischer)
O (Fischer), line-breaks

Since the Barthel tracings of this tablet are so poor I have numbered things to match Fischer’s drawings better. Barthel’s lines are numbered 3-9 (rather than 1-7). Also I have updated the code numbers to match the glyph shapes that Fischer has recorded.

Items M has been added, and glyph search includes glyphs on items A-N.

M (Barthel)
M (Barthel), line-breaks
M (Fischer)
M (Fischer), line-breaks

Items H and N are now completed.

H (Barthel)
H (Barthel), line-breaks
H (Fischer)
H (Fischer), line-breaks

N (Barthel)
N (Barthel), line-breaks
N (Fischer)
N (Fischer), line-breaks

others things that have been fixed:

  • Numbering for the (strange) sequence 001.001-074 on line 5 of I has been fixed.
  • The last four glyphs of line Hv12 that were missing (from the scans) have been added.
  • A page for doing glyph searches has been added. This searches Items A – L only so far. The corpus file is however already 62MB so this is very slow. Something will have to be done about that.

I have uploaded svgs pages for the Santiago Staff. As before the glyphs are separated, and numbered. Again I have uploaded pages with whole, and wrapped lines.

However there is a big cautionary note; the lines on these pages are given in “Horley-order”, rather than the traditional order. So line 1 is the traditional “11”, 2 is “10” and so on. The last line 14 is the traditional “12.” This is the same order as Fischer backwards. Obviously I should have placed the traditional numbers in parenthesis (or something user-friendly like that), but these pages have been generated automagically, and doing such things would require that I edit them by hand. Surely anyone can do the calculation 14 – (n+2) modulo 14 in their head?

For those who are tired of horizontal scrolling, I have now added yet another display option. (XML is fun.)
The line wrapping is auto-generated, so it may not always fall in the most opportune place. For this reason I have doubled glyphs near the line wrap. To avoid confusion, the doubled glyphs are displayed in grey/mauve on second occurrence. Since the wrapping depends entirely on the choice of line length, the line breaks are different on the Fischer displays as those lines are generally drawn much longer with more widely spaced glyphs.

Pages for G have been added.
G with lines and codes – Barthel
G with lines and codes – Fischer

I have now added some experiments that I made with a new version of a complete corpus. This is going to be a big file. Including the tablets completed so far (A – G, J, K and L) it is already 45+ MB. Using this file I can now search for glyphs and display them in context. Some random samples are shown on the pages linked to below.
Search function test pages