In response to the issue of better quality images, I have now made a first stab at an improvement. I have now posted a new set of pages which display better scanned and edited versions of the Fischer drawings. The pages can be found here. Note that these pages display the tablets on single pages, with all lines as complete lines, no codes. They are also pretty big, so unless one has a very wide monitor, a lot of horizontal scrolling will be involved, particularly for something like the Staff.

There are a few points to mention about these scans. The reproductions of these drawings in the printed volume are not very clean. The printing includes a large number of “speckles,” small black dots running mostly down the middle of the lines. It is of course quite possible that these dots are original to Fischer’s submitted copy, but they don’t really look intentional. I have removed many of them but some still remain. A second problem is that in a few places the printing actually cuts off some of the drawings. The most notable case of this is on tablet Q (RR17), page 476 in the OUP edition (see below), where the beginnings of the lines v1, v2, v3 are cut, but it also occurs on tablet H (RR9) at the bottom of page 445, and on tablet P (RR18) at the right edge of page 482, possibly other pages as well. Finally it might also be noted that on some tablets, particularly on I (RR10), the lines have been squeezed together to such an extent that they practically overlap. Why this was done (to save space? in a 700 page book?!) is beyond comprehension, and it borders on compromising the value of these drawings.

Improved images for Barthel are in progress.


Fischer page 476

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