This site in its current form has become too hard to manage. So taking advantage of the possibilities offered by more advanced web technologies, I am going to start over.

A first step in this direction is available here.
New site

The new set-up will do away with the dozens of independent pages for each tablet, and instead use a single database for the corpus to generate the views. Currently I have both the Barthel and Fischer graphics with matched codes and glyph divisions indicated by lines. A link has been provided to quickly move from the Barthel view to the Fischer view.

Also I have added comparison views with both sets of graphics on the same page. In the default view the Fischer graphics are scaled to match the Barthel graphics “one-to-one”. It should be noted that this scaling can lead to some distortion and overlap of the glyphs, and sometimes linked glyphs become separated. A link to a view that shows both sets of graphics at original scale (undistorted) is also provided.

As for the older site, it will be left in its current state, with perhaps some clean-up as time allows.


  1. Rafał Wieczorek

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Mary de Laat

    Hi Philip, your old site has already proven to be a very useful and quick reference! Unfortunately, as you know, both Barthel’s and Fischer’s versions are very unreliable… Perhaps you could ask P. H. for his much more accurate drawings? Complementing the drawings with detailed photographs would make this new site of course invaluable ;-). All the best.

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