A few more improvements and changes:

  • I have added a total for the number of glyphs found. This is added after all hits have been loaded, which may take a while. It appears at the top of the list.
  • I have added a search capability for sequences of 2 glyphs. Note that this searches for sequences. It doesn’t distinguish whether the glyphs are linked or stacked, or simply adjacent. Also it only searches for glyphs which are immediately adjacent.
  • A link was added to the navigation bar called Corpus which links to the new site.

So just as an example of how the 2 glyph search can be used: Enter “380” in Code 1 and “001” in Code 2. The results should be a total of “111 instances found on all items.”
And more specifically:

  • 20 instances on C
  • 23 instances on E
  • 30 instances on G
  • 22 instances on K
  • 7 instances on N
  • 1 instance on Q
  • 4 instances on S
  • 4 instances on Y

While the same instances will be listed for either display type, the instances on Y will only display if “Fischer” is chosen, since Barthel does not have any images for this item.
Using this display it will be easy to see that on item G (and usually on item K) this sequence is displayed with a linked “003” glyph, while on item N it is uniformly displayed with a linked “052”. On all the other items the combination appears as a simple glyph group, with no attachments.

Other obvious combinations to check are: 004 + 064, or 009 + 005.

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