I’m adding a new viewer: a ‘snippet’ collector. This viewer allows the selection of short line snippets which are displayed together on a single page.

Using the collector should hopefully be straightforward. Use the selectors at the top to choose by tablet – side – line – starting glyph – ending glyph, then click “fetch” and the snippet will be appended to the display. Each snippet includes a “remove” button, which will remove only that snippet. Here some further points:

  • While tablet, side, and line should be clear enough ‘glyph numbers’ are just arbitrary numbers used internally to identify the different glyphs. Once a line has been chosen the selectors should update to show the possible numbers. While the numbers are sequential, it is possible that numbers are skipped or not associated with an image. So some experimentation may be required to get the desired snippet.
  • Snippets can only be chosen from a single line.
  • A snippet collection can be saved. The “store” button at the bottom of the page will save all the displayed snippets. The “retrieve” button will add all stored snippets to the page. The saved information is kept in your browser’s local storage. (This works only for HTML5 compatible browsers.) This means that you will only be able to retrieve the snippets if you use the same browser on the same computer, but it will persist across visits to the site. The stored data is simple text data. Most browsers allow you to view the content of the local storage variables (usually in ‘Developer’ mode).
  • The storage allows only one collection to be saved. So making a new collection and saving will delete any previously stored collection. If you want to keep both new and old snippets, retrieve the saved snippets first and then save the entire collection.
  • Snippet glyphs can be colored, but coloring is not saved.
  • The title of the snippet links to the relevant line in the tablet line display.

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  1. I have now also added a “line break” feature, which gives a little bit of control over how the snippets are displayed on the page. The line break displays with a button, which allows you to remove the break. Breaks are saved together with the snippets.

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