Rongorongo Concordance

This concordance of the rongorongo corpus was produced using Barthel's numerical transcription of the corpus, as cross-checked, corrected, and made available by the C.E.I.P.P. (Centre d'Études sur l'Île de Pâques et la Polynésie).

It replaces the concordance uploaded here on 21 October 2001, which was produced from C.E.I.P.P. data files dating from late 1997, which still contained many uncorrected mistakes out of Barthel's corpus. All the major texts have now been checked against Barthel's original rubbings and corrected by the C.E.I.P.P. Rongorongo Commission who is currently processing line 6 of the Santiago Staff. When the Santiago Staff has been processed only minor texts, such as that on the Snuff Box, will remain to be transliterated.

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  3. Example.
    Sign 004, 410 occurrences:
    Xa01.001:                    |4-0!-0!-4-99?-0!-0!-1?-0!-14?-8-600?-1?*1*
    Ma02.017: 6-84?-0!-114-5?-0!-|4?.0!-522?-700.600V?-59f?-0!*0!-70?-3?-445.
    Aa07.111: 4-25-25a.9:5j-302s-|4a-1-20b-20by-6.1f.6-1b.6-4t-1-114a.62a-3a-
    Aa07.129: 62a-3a-5-65.210.65-|4-1-114a-3a-144f-139V*599-25a.9j:5jt-117b-
    Aa07.120: 1-20by-6.1f.6-1b.6-|4t-1-114a.62a-3a-5-65.210.65-4-1-114a-3a-9:
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