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The Rongorongo of Easter Island

The Photographic Reproductions

Unless otherwise acknowledged, the photographs on this site are from publications of the Cercle d'Études sur l'Île de Pâques et la Polynésie.

No single book to date (8 May 1999) has photographs of all the rongorongo objects constituting the known corpus. Most photographs are reduction of the original, usually one half to one sixth, some taken under distorting angles (Fischer 1997:479b, Van Tilburg 1994:113), some poorly lit. Actual-size photographs and enlargements are rare, and none shows the entire object.

One aim of this site is to gather all photographic reproductions of quality good enough to let the signs be clearly seen, the copyright owners willing. If you know of any, or are willing to contribute any, please write to webmaster@rongorongo.org

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