This site in its current form has become too hard to manage. So taking advantage of the possibilities offered by more advanced web technologies, I am going to start over.

A first step in this direction is available here.
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It’s been a while.
After the push to finish the svgs and the (preliminary) index, I felt a bit of burn-out. Hopefully I should be able to continue pick up where I left off soon. This post to show that this website is still alive. Above a screen visualization of the Rongorongo corpus as viewed through a database tool called “BaseX“. Hopefully once I learn to use it I can do something more useful with it.

I have now created two glyph indexes for the corpus: one for Barthel, one for Fischer. These indexes display the images for the glyphs. These are big files, because they display essentially the whole corpus in a single file. The Barthel index is 40MB and the Fischer is 70MB. The larger size for Fischer seems to be the result of having scanned and edited Fischer at 150% the size of Barthel.

These indexes are “warts and all.” As will be immediately obvious some glyphs are completely mislabeled.

Glyph index (Barthel)
Glyph index (Fischer)

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This entry is just an easy way to make the currently most relevant pages more accessible, until the overall organization of the website has been improved.

Glyph search (svg, context)

Tablet display pages (svg, full lines)

Tablet display pages (svg, wrapped lines)

The svg pages for items U, V, W, X, and Y have been completed. Also since they have now been added to the XML corpus, the search function now covers the complete corpus.

Some points to note:

  • Since most of these items have only short lines, no line-wrapped pages were made.
  • Item W is not numbered, and not searchable.
  • Item X is problematic, as it is very unclear what the “lines” are. I have somewhat arbitrarily re-arranged the glyphs of lines 3, 5 and 6 onto single lines. This was done so that the glyphs could be included in the corpus, and the search facility. But reference should always be made back to the original scans for this item.
  • There are already many known errors (in particular on items A and I), so some searches return the wrong glyphs. These will have to be corrected.

Item S has been added.

S (Barthel)
S (Barthel), line-breaks
S (Fischer)
S (Fischer), line-breaks

Items Q, R and T have been added.

Q (Barthel)
Q (Barthel), line-breaks
Q (Fischer)
Q (Fischer), line-breaks

R (Barthel)
R (Barthel), line-breaks
R (Fischer)
R (Fischer), line-breaks

T (Barthel)
T (Barthel), line-breaks
T (Fischer)
T (Fischer), line-breaks

Glyph search now includes A-T (except S). The corpus file is 107MB.

Item P has been added.

P (Barthel)
P (Barthel), line-breaks
P (Fischer)
P (Fischer), line-breaks

Glyph search now includes A-P. The corpus file is 90MB.

Item O has been added.

O (Barthel)
O (Barthel), line-breaks
O (Fischer)
O (Fischer), line-breaks

Since the Barthel tracings of this tablet are so poor I have numbered things to match Fischer’s drawings better. Barthel’s lines are numbered 3-9 (rather than 1-7). Also I have updated the code numbers to match the glyph shapes that Fischer has recorded.

Items M has been added, and glyph search includes glyphs on items A-N.

M (Barthel)
M (Barthel), line-breaks
M (Fischer)
M (Fischer), line-breaks