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Over the past two years only five genuine questions were received, lost in at least 20,000 pieces of spam__at least 30 pieces of junk mail per day. To send a question, a comment, a suggestion, visit this page.

The questions received so far are presented in reverse chronological order. Your e-mail address, of course, will not appear.

There has been a long break during which www.rongorongo.org was unattended, due to an unfortunate software accident: logical drive C: disappeared, along with two others. Most of the indispensable hardware here (printer, scanner) requiring Windows, and some of the software (such as the OCR) also requiring Windows, it was a difficult time. Eventually, with outside help, the missing disks were restored, but disk C: had to be rebuilt from scratch. When the contents of comments@rongorongo.org were accessed again, some two megabytes were found there, almost all spam, and software had to be located, downloaded, and evaluated, to get rid of most of it. In the process, some legitimate comments and questions may have been inadvertently deleted. If you think that yours may have been neglected, and are still interested in getting an answer, do resubmit them.