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The Rongorongo of Easter Island

Metoro's readings

Mgr Tepano Jaussen, Bishop of Tahiti, had four tablets in his possession read out by Metoro, a plantation worker from Easter Islander, who claimed to have been instructed in the rongorongo writing.

Metoro's readings have been seen by some as keys to the decipherment, by others as evidence that the rongorongo did not constitute a proper writing system. Barthel saw in them keys and was persuaded of Metoro's knowledge and competence. Others, such as Métraux, were of opinion that Metoro was merely describing the signs, without any understanding of their meaning. This opinion was recently corroborated by Guy, demonstrating that Metoro had read the second sides of the last two tablets in a disorderly manner more typical of a hoax than of real understanding.

Metoro's Readings, Line by Line

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Aruku-Kurenga Br1 Br2 Br3 Br4 Br5 Br6 Br7 Br8 Br9 Br10
Bv1 Bv2 Bv3 Bv4 Bv5 Bv6 Bv7 Bv8 Bv9 Bv10 Bv11 Bv12
Tahua Ab1 Ab2 Ab3 Ab4 Ab5 Ab6 Ab7 Ab8
Aa1 Aa2 Aa3 Aa4 Aa5 Aa6 Aa7 Aa8
Mamari Cb1 Cb2 Cb3 Cb4 Cb5 Cb6 Cb7 Cb8 Cb9 Cb10 Cb11 Cb12 Cb13 Cb14
Ca14 Ca13 Ca12 Ca11 Ca10 Ca9 Ca8 Ca7 Ca6 Ca5 Ca4 Ca3 Ca2 Ca1
Keiti Er1 Er2 Er3 Er4 Er5 Er6 Er7 Er8 Er9
Ev1 Ev2 Ev3 Ev4 Ev5 Ev6 Ev7 Ev8

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